Seven Sites for Buying Organic Clothes

From hippies to fashionistas, there’s organic clothing out there for all types…

It’s really easy to get caught up in going green and saving the environment in respect to the big steps like purchasing energy efficient appliances*Β or hybrid cars.Β Often though we tend to forget about the little things (or at least I do). I have discovered, though, that by purchasing clothes made from organic materials that I can really do my share as a friend to the earth, as well as enhance my overall health. Every little step or action that we take to make this world a safer and better place to live in is well worth the effort. After all when you think about it we are investing in our family’s future.

For those that have never thought or tried organic clothing here are some great sites that I came across and really liked. Hope you do too.

Buy Organic Clothes Online: Seven Sites with Lots of Choices

  • Maggie’s Organics: There are lots of benefits to what this site has to offer. Not only is there a great selection of organic clothing at reasonable prices, but they support Fair Trade as well. Anything that you are going to purchase here in their organic line is certified according to Organic Trade Association standards.
  • The Green Loop: A great place for not only buying organic clothing but, also for buying clothes with some great blurbs and sayings to get your message out about saving the environment. There is something for everyone here… from the athlete to the cat lover.
  • Fashion & Earth: Don’t think for one minute that just because you are opting for eco friendly clothing that you won’t be in style. You are going to find some fantastic choices here and a good selection. Plus they have some great accessories… again, all eco friendly. This site also features Fair Trade items.
  • JonΓ€no: I love the motto used by this site — “Look good, Feel good, Do good” — because it really does say it all about organic clothing. Something important to keep in mind with organic clothing is not only is it good for the environment but is good for your overall health as well. Just think of not being exposed to all those chemicals which are commonly found in standard clothing.
  • Natural Clothing Company: A great place to shop, if you like the thought of wearing material that has not been exposed to pesticides and insecticides. There is also a great selection of natural materials such as hemp, bamboo and organic cotton. Again you are sure to find the prices most reasonable, especially for all the benefits you will be gaining.
  • Frugi: Of course, our little ones health is important and if we are going to give them the best in clothing, then it has to be organic. This is a great shop for all of your kid’s clothing with a good selection and great styles. Another added bonus about organic clothing is that it is tough and will stand up to what your youngsters are bound to subject it to.
  • ecomilk by Milk: Nothing is more important than giving our little ones a good head start in life. By wearing eco friendly clothing when nursing you are taking the extra protection of saving the little one from being exposed to potentially harmful chemicals and fumes. Just think about how close they are to the clothing you wear when you are breast feeding. It is a great comfort in knowing that they can obtain their nourishment in a safe manner.

Got a favorite online store for buying organic fashion…? Let us know about it…

Lior Levin works with a couple of startups such as Producteev, a task management company and a nursing wear brand called Milk Nursingwear.

Image credit: burningkarma at Flickr under a Creative Commons license

*Link to a page in the Green Choices product comparison engine.

  1. Jess

    Great article! I just wanted to add that Green World Gallery in Key West Florida sells organic clothes and bags, which supports local artists and the environment, and they even use plantable seed tags! Pretty cool.

  2. Darius

    Good post! I would like to see hessnatur on the list as well. They have a big range of organic and fair clothes for the whole family and their principle is well-defined: “to respect the planet and the people who produce and wear our clothes.” They started already in 1976 and now NY Designer Eviana Hartman designs an exclusive for hessnatur.

  3. Jennifer

    I just put up an new online store for my clothing line Salts Organic Clothing. I design and make clothing using hemp, Merino wool, soy, bamboo and of course all mixed with organic cotton. If you are looking for comfortable useful clothing with a bit of edge please check out my line!

    its at http://www.SaltsClothing.com


    Designer, Salts

  4. Justin

    Nice post. FYI – The guys at OCC Apparel Australia are doing amazing things in the organic world, especially at their http://www.unitee.com.au site selling ethical, 100% certified organic clothing brands such as Certton, Earth Positive and Continental Clothing, they have also released a program to assist charities and not-for-profits create an ethical fund raising revenue stream.

  5. kieran lovell


    i am very sensitive to chemicals ( i also believe they cause many problems with the human body)….
    Can anyone suggest ” somewhere i can buy natural clothes without all the horrible chemicals which are used in the manufactuing of these clothes”?
    They are so detrimental to everyones health yet nothing serious is being done againt the clothing companies.
    Please do your bit
    i live in ireland by the way, i am sick to death with being poisoned by chemicals

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