Sometimes, a T-Shirt Does Make One a Change Agent

change agent training in the galapagos

Yep, we’ve all seen those folks who think a progressive message on a t-shirt (or a bumper sticker, etc.) actually makes a difference. In most cases, no: just a bit more action is needed to play the role of change agent. I just came across San Francisco-based Lonesome George and Co., and if you’re wearing one of their t-shirts (or other garments), you may be able to get away with the argument that wearing it is a meaningful act.

What caught my eye with their press release (and, believe me, that takes some doing these days) was the fact that Lonesome George doesn’t just simply fund causes it supports: rather, it donates 10% of all sales “experiential education designed to turn Galapagos youth into social entrepreneurs.” In short, this small business is working to create more even more business people (perhaps even competitors) with a triple bottom line mindset. The latest endeavor in theirΒ MIND SHIFT IMPACT approach: the Academy of Agents of Change, which combines training sessions fromΒ Outward Bound andΒ Ashoka Youth Venture into a program aimed at creating entrepreneurial change agents in the Galapogos (the place that inspired the founders to start the company – its name refers to Lonesome George, the last surviving Pinta Tortoise).

The initial group of Academy students started the training in February: the company is tracking their progress on the Academy page. Take a look at what these folks have already done, and will be doing, and let us know what you think: is this the way to produce real change agents? And, if so, is wearing a Lonesome George shirt enough to claim the title?

Image credit: Lonesome George & Co.

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