Eco Heroes: Real People, Real Stories (PPB #10)

dancing rabbit ritualAlison Kerr of Loving Nature’s Garden has her guest post up for the blogathon, and it’ll get you thinking. When you think of the word “hero,” you likely picture someone larger than life. Real heroes, according to Alison, are just like the rest of us… they’ve just taken action to make their communities (and maybe even the world) a better place.

…we’re all too willing to believe any story of someone who fits the hero mold and is extraordinary, beyond human even. Yet, at the same time, I know I’ve longed to hear real stories, of real people, making real change, in their own communities.

Fortunately, those stories are out there… and she has some good ideas about where to find them.

Lots of real change going on here at Dancing Rabbit… if you haven’t checked out their website yet, do so… it’s full of inspiring stories. If you find some inspiration there, consider making a donation to help keep those stories coming…

Image credit: Dancing Rabbit

  1. Brennan Novak

    Yes! This article is so right on. I’ve long felt this- that normal everyday “real” people who consciously change the way they are living are the real heroes. I’ve been building a website game dedicated to this exactly. There will points and cute merit badges and all sorts. Go sign up for early registration: http://ecoheroes.me

    Cheers BN

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