Eighth World Solar Challenge Underway

From ENN, news of the start of the eighth World Solar Challenge in Australia:

Twenty-two bug-shaped solar cars designed and built by corporations and universities from around the world set out across the vast, inhospitable Australian outback on Sunday in the eighth World Solar Challenge.

Japan’s Sky Ace Tiga car, from the Ashiya University in Osaka, led off after qualifying fastest for the 3,000 km (1,860 miles) race across the centre of Australia from the tropical north city of Darwin to Adelaide in South Australia.

Now that NASCAR is “America’s sport,” and reality shows like The Amazing Race get huge ratings on television, perhaps the US is ready for solar car racing…?

Also, apologies for my absence yesterday — fell victim to a wicked cold. Still fighting the dregs, so apologies in advance for cold-related weirdness (outside of the normal weirdness, of course).

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