Energy Executive Calls for Carbon Tax

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Yes, you read that right. According to this post on the Mother Jones blog,

the CEO of Duke Energy, Paul Anderson, announced today that the time has come for the US to adopt a mandatory nationwide carbon dioxide taxβ€”a move which has some shareholders a bit perplexed. To quote Anderson:

You can imagine the reaction I get when I say ‘carbon tax’ in the hall’s of Duke Energy. One employee wrote me that as a shareholder, he couldn’t fathom why I would advocate a position that would discourage use of our product by potentially increasing its price.

You may also not be able to fathom Anderson position, but, ultimately, it’s very practical: CO2 reduction standards are coming, and a uniform federal standard would be preferable to 50 different state laws. As MoJo blogger Eric Kancler notes, the states have already shown their willingness to get ahead of the curve on pollution (i.e. mercury) and greenhouse gases, and are even willing to sue for stricter standards. This is great news!

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