Exxpose Exxon

Paul at Eyeteeth and Dave at Gristmill both link to a new campaign by a coalition of twelve environmental and public interest groups, Exxpose Exxon. The campaign’s website welcomes visitors by noting:

As one of the world’s most profitable companies, ExxonMobil has the power to move the world toward a more sustainable energy future. Instead, ExxonMobil has acted consistently to move our country backward on energy policy by opposing efforts to stop global warming, lobbying to drill in America’s most pristine wilderness areas, and failing to promote renewable energy and fuel efficiency.

I encourage you to join the campaign, especially if you’re an ExxonMobil customer (as I am — and I have one of those SpeedPass things on my keychain to prove it). If you need more information, there’s a thorough page of information on Exxon-Mobil’s activities. Greenpeace’s ExxonSecrets website also provides information specifically on EM’s funding of “climate change skeptics.” In composing my message to CEO Lee Raymond, I also made note of the fact that willfully refusing to invest in clean energy technology is not only short-sighted, but a disservice to EM’s stockholders.

If you’re looking for more socially and environmentally-conscious choices for buying gas, here’s one option. Supporting companies doing the right things is just as (if not more) important than boycotting the bad guys.

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