Five for Friday: Great Green Blog Posts for the Week (8/6/10)

Why is this guy smiling? Because guns are recyclable...
Why is this guy smiling? He just found out guns are recyclable...

Another week, a lot more coverage of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico… on the upside, looks like we may be getting to the end of one chapter in this saga. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I do hope that we don’t see this story disappearing once the relief well is complete, and all the tests on the cap show it’s solid… there will still be plenty of stories about human and ecosystem health that we’ll need to be telling.

So, beyond news from the Gulf, what else was happening in the green blogosphere this week? Well, everything, of course: politics, science and tech, green living, renewable energy… the usual broad spectrum of everything green. From all of that, we’ve again picked five that stood out for us.

This week’s Five for Friday selections of green blog posts

  1. Old-school green burial: No one likes to talk about death, but the notion of green burial has popped up time and time again around the green blogs. Turns out its not such a new idea: the folks at Green Prophet note that Zoroastrian funeral rites have been green for thousands of years…
  2. Clean school supplies: Concerned about the chemicals that may be lurking in those binders, lunch boxes, rulers, and other school supplies? Derek Markham points to the Center for Health, Environment, and Justice’s new guide for PVC-free items at Natural Papa.
  3. Isn’t it ironic?: David Quilty at The Good Human goes on another tear, this time asking why the act of spraying toxic chemicals around our homes is called “cleaning.”
  4. Coastal info at your fingertips: Green LA Girl Siel points to a new information resource on coastal ecosystems: the Surfrider Foundation’s new Beachapedia.
  5. Another recyclable — guns: Zachary Shahan takes note of a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department program that recycles seized guns into rebar for highway projects at ecopolitology (and, yes, this one was in yesterday’s green tech finds at SUNfiltered).

That’s our five… make sure to let us know what caught your attention this week in the comments.

Nope, no guns in the Green Choices product comparison engine. But if you’re a hunter, or enjoy other outdoor activities, we do have tents, sleeping bags, canteens, solar cookers, and other outdoor gear.

Image credit: paljoakim at Flickr under a Creative Commons license

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