Green Lighting… Beyond the Bulb: 46 Upcycled Lamp/Light Projects

“Green lighting” almost always means “energy-efficient light bulbs” in these parts: we all love to debate the merits of CFLs and LEDs in comparison to old-school incandescent bulbs (which, of course, you can’t buy any more here in the US). But our friends over at sister site Crafting a Green World gave that phrase a totally different context recently by curating a sizable list of lighting-related DIY projects – from lamps to shades to chandeliers – that upcycled discarded materials.

Take a look at the list writer Bonnie Getchell put together… and let us know if you have a favorite upcycled lighting project that you don’t see listed here. Of course, if you’ve done any of these, tell us how it went.

DIY Lighting: 46 Upcycled Lamp and Lighting Projects (via http://craftingagreenworld.com)

Need some lamp or lighting ideas? We have 46 DIY lighting projects that you’ll love! Lighting is essential to every single room in your home. It sets the mood and the atmosphere for that space. The problem? New lighting from big box stores can be…

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  1. Steve @ Lighting Supply

    Impressive collection of ideas! I’d seen the globe pendant before, which reminds me to mention that you should be careful with any kind of lampshade that uses paper / cardboard or other flammable materials, especially if you’re still using incandescent bulbs, but really for any bulb. I liked the music stand idea for our own home, and thought that the bottle cap style could be a cool collection / building project to do with kids, though not something I’d use in my home.

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