New Year, New Start: Going Green in the Office

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Now that you’re back from the festive break – feeling refreshed and re-energized – it’s the perfect time to give your office that much needed revamp you’ve been putting off.

According to GOV.UK, a low number of businesses were recycling in 2013. The government are hoping to move to a more ‘eco-friendly environment’ in 2014, with businesses producing less waste and using less energy.

You may think this change-over will be expensive and time consuming, but don’t fret. Even the smallest of changes can produce the biggest results, and cut costs for your company over time. Here are our five essentials to help make your office a more eco-friendly one:

Recycling Bins

A simple but effective method that will get everyone in the office recycling are these office recycling bins from The Green Office. These bins can easily be moved around the office so everyone can see them, leaving no excuses for employees not to contribute.

The Green Office have also provided color codes on these bins to help make the process of recycling a lot easier. With everyone now ready to start recycling their waste in the correct bins, these will help speed up the transformation of the office, so you’ll be eco-friendly in no time!

Energy-Saving Light Bulbs

Saving energy is good for the environment, as well as your bank balance. With modern lighting technology, this simple change is as easy as plugging in a new light bulb. Energy-saving bulbs provide the same amount of light, but use as much as 80 per cent less electricity compared to normal bulbs.

If you’re finding this a little hard to believe, try the energy saving calculator at Light Bulbs Direct. Simply fill in your details and watch the savings add up. With a wide range of energy-saving bulbs now available, you’rewbound to find the right ones to suit your office.

Heat Timer

With the Winter weather not quite over with, you’ll certainly still be using the heating. However, leaving the heating on all day not only costs a lot, but also isn’t environmentally friendly. You should consider having the heating on a timer, warming the office for a few hours in the morning while employees settle and then having it turn off automatically when a certain temperature is reached. This also ensures that no one accidentally leaves the heating on overnight, warming an empty office.

Fairtrade Coffee

Another small change that can make a huge difference. By switching your normal brand to Fairtrade labelled brands, you’re doing your bit for the environment by supporting a set of standards created to help farmers in developing countries.

Use the Fairtrade Foundation website to find where you can get yours, and start making a difference with you next cup of coffee.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Washing-up liquid, surface cleaner and soap for the bathroom – all of these small items are used daily in the office, with damaging effects on the environment. Ecover produces a wide range of eco-friendly cleaning products that contain no damaging or harmful substances, and are made with all-natural ingredients.

So, you get the same amount of cleaning power, without the bleach smell or damaging the environment. A win-win situation for everyone, plus I’m sure you’re cleaner will be thankful!

This post was generously sponsored by The Green Office.

Image credit: Jim Cramer via photopin cc

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  1. Kj Murphy

    Happy to say I’m in locked step with your energy improvements you’ve shared with us. The best thing, is over the years and with the right messaging, friends and colleagues report it’s so easy for everyone to do. You can’t really argue with switching to a more energy efficient light bulb that saves 80% over its predecessor. Go Green or go home! A fan from http://gottabgreen.com

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