We Gave Away that Case of Guayaki Yerba Mate Cans

guayaki yerba mate cansThanks to everyone who left a comment on last week’s post about Guayaki Yerba Mate’s cans! As promised, I drew from entrants yesterday, and Linnea Crowther was our winner. I’ve passed her information along to the folks at Guayaki, and she should be enjoying her Revel Berry (the flavor she chose) in the next few days.

Several people made comments about being able to get the cans (or Guayaki products in general)… If you’re a yerba mate lover, and haven’t tried their offerings, or if you’d like to test out this “soccer of caffeinated drinks” for the first time, they’ve got a store locator on their site. Of course, we also sell some of their loose tea varieties in our store…

We’ve done a bit more of the giveaway thing lately… you like it? Let me know… if you do, we’ll certainly look for more opportunities.

Looking for other beverage options? We’ve got many varieties of organic and Fair Trade coffee, as well as black, green, and herbal teas… check ’em out…

  1. heckety

    The title sounds VERY dodgy if you missed the earlier post, as I did…and if you’ve never heard of any of this stuff either, as I haven’t!!!

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