Happy Boxing Day!

As a good American, I have no idea what I’ve just said — if any of our friends from north of the border can help me out, please do (and feel free to throw in a “Stupid American…”).

The sustainable blogosphere buzzed right along through the holiday weekend. Green Car Congress reports on the decision of “several Pima County, AZ, school districts” to start shifting to biodiesel school buses. WorldChanging has news on off-shore wind farms in the UK, and notes (as does this piece from Scotsman.com) that all isn’t smooth sailing there, either. More wind power news from New Zealand via Alternative Energy Blog, as well as an announcement that the Norwegians plan to invest in a sea-wave power plant. Resource Insights has thoughts on “methane burps,” which may prove to be a huge threat as the globe warms. Treehugger gives space to an overview of Builders without Borders and an homage to Buckminster Fuller. And a new find, “Inventing for the Sustainable Planet,” gives a “hats off” to Japanese cartoonist Hiroshi Takatsuki (otherwise known as “High Moon”).

Hope everyone’s having a restful holiday weekend, regardless of your faith or lack thereof… I laid around and ate too much…

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