Holiday Craft Ideas: How to Turn A Foam Puzzle Piece Into An Ornament, Picture Frame Magnet

holiday craft ideas puzzle pieces into ornaments

holiday craft ideas puzzle pieces into ornaments

The largest gift exchanging holiday is just days away, and no one is more excited about it than our kiddos. They are expecting presents for being “nice” rather than naughty. And like most parents and guardians, I’m busy donating or reorganizing their current stashes to avoid becoming overtaken in toys. After some negotiations, we give some toys and books in good condition to local shelters and charities. Broken parts and lonely puzzle pieces get tossed into my craft box for future projects.

Although almost any sturdy puzzle piece will work for this project, I’m sharing with you how I turned spare foam puzzle pieces into an ornament and a picture frame. It’s an inexpensive way to add a personal touch to your store-bought gifts and/or a thoughtful way to show someone you care. This is so easy the kids can get it on the decorating fun, too. Don’t worry that the big day is almost here: handmade crafts never go out of style and can be given any time of the year.

7 Steps to Make a Unique Gift for Family and Friends

Supplies For These Holiday Craft Ideas: Leftover puzzle pieces, unwanted holiday cards or scrap paper, glue, scissors, a ruler and embellishments

1. Choose a clean puzzle piece

puzzle piece

2. Pick out your paper. I used past years’ greeting cards, as they are one of the most wasted items of the holiday season.

3. Place your puzzle piece on the reverse side of the paper and trace an outline. Cut out your shape. Helpful Tip: Another option for this step is gluing your paper to the upside of the puzzle piece, then cutting it out.

4. Adhere your paper to the puzzle piece. I used spray adhesive since my pieces were foam. If you have cardboard pieces, hot glue or liquid glue will work just fine.

5. To make an ornament, I would suggest covering both sides of your piece. It’s sure to look great from any angle! Add a hole to the top of your piece for the string, and it’s ready for the tree.

6. If you’d prefer to make a picture frame, I’d suggest measuring and cutting out an opening for your photo on the puzzle piece. Helpful Tip: Cut out a matching opening on your paper, so the photo easily can be seen.

7. Lastly, stick a magnet on the backside for a cute little frame to show-off your adorable kiddos to family and friends. Don’t forget to add your embellishments of ribbon, stickers, beads, glitter, etc.

puzzle pieces upcycled into ornaments

What are some other upcycling crafts you’ve tried this holiday season? I’d like to see pictures of your creations in the comment section.

Photo credits: Talancia Pea

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