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Asking someone if they’ve thought about going solar at this point is kind of a silly question: most of us have. The motivations may differ – environmental concerns, a desire for self-sufficiency, or just escaping high electricity rates – but most people see solar panels as a legitimate alternative to the centralized utility model. A few of us may have even gone as far as having a solar site evaluation of our homes completed; most, however, are still wrestling with the basics.

I’m guessing that’s the reason SolarCity has partnered with Best Buy to test out in-person marketing at some of the latter company’s stores. Yes, you could get online and find tons of information about leasing vs. purchasing a solar array, or possibilities for community solar if you’re a renter, or even the best renewable options based on your location (because it might not be solar), but that’s a lot of work. Of course, these folks are selling solar leasing plans, but the information you receive from a consultation may lead you in other, more efficient directions.

Read through Roy Hales’ overview of this experiment, and then check out the fascinating discussion in the comments over at sister site Cleantechnica. Share your thoughts with us: is solar leasing a viable option when prices of solar panels continue to drop?

SolarCity & Best Buy Team Up To Sell Solar In 60+ Stores (via Clean Technica)

SolarCity and Best Buy announced this week that they have teamed to sell residential solar in New York, Oregon, Arizona, Hawaii, and California. There are now SolarCity kiosks in over 60 Best Buy stores. “This is the largest consumer electronics…

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