Less Than Two Weeks to “Blogging ‘Round the Clock”

Exactly two weeks from now I’ll likely be sleeping after 24 hours online… A lot has happened over the past couple of days on the nuts and bolts of “Blogging ‘Round the Clock”:

  • The Garden‘s develoment office made my life much easier by agreeing to handle donations directly. Their webmaster is putting together a link so you can make your donation directly to the Garden rather than sending it through me. I’m particularly happy about this because every penny of your donation will go to the Earthways Center — the services I was looking at all charge small transaction fees.
  • Hopefully, you all seen the press release I’ve issued. I’ll be revising it slightly today, and will post a notification. I’ve sent it out to a number of media outlets and posted it at PRWeb — if you have suggestions for other places I can send it, I’m all ears.
  • Speaking of media, I’ll be a guest next week on Jean Ponzi’s environmental radio program “Earthworms.” The program does have streaming audio, and they post an MP3 of the show to their website, so listen in…
  • I’m still taking pledges, so pledge away. After giving it some thought, I decided a goal of some kind might be helpful, so here it is: I’d like to raise $500 for Earthways through “Blogging ‘Round the Clock.” Right now, based on my plan for 50 posts, we’re just above $80.
  • Finally, let me correct an oversight — I missed Paul Schmelzer’s announcement of “Blogging ‘Round the Clock” at Eyeteeth. Thank you, Paul, and thank you to everyone else who’s helped spread the word about our little event.

Thank you for your help and support!

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