Looking for Renewable Energy Investment Opportunities?

From RenewableEnergyAccess.com via ClimateArk, an an announcement of the KLD Global Climate 100 Index:

The Global Climate 100 Index is made up of companies that KLD expects will provide near-term solutions to global warming while offsetting the longer-term impacts of climate change through renewable energy, alternative fuels, clean technology and efficiency. KLD’s Global Climate 100 Index is designed for investors seeking specialized strategies to invest in these types of companies.

“The Global Climate 100 includes companies making meaningful contributions to the commercialization of renewable energies such as solar and wind, future fuels such as natural gas and hydrogen, and innovations or applications of new technologies that help to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases,” said Peter D. Kinder, founder and president of KLD Research & Analytics, Inc. “The Global Climate 100 are companies working on solutions to climate change. These companies alone won’t ‘fix’ global warming, but the Index focuses investors’ attention on where the possibilities lie.”

The press release on the company’s website gives an overview of companies included in the Index, and a breakdown of methodologies used to choose the companies. It looks like REA.com’s headline is a bit misleading, though — from what I read, this isn’t an actual mutal fund or investment oppotunity in itself, but information designed to assist investors.

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