Luna Road Calls on the Sun’s Power to Beautify Night Driving, Enhance Safety

Luna Road Lights is looking at road safety, driven by the sun. In the Luna Road concept, solar-powered LEDs known as “cat eyes” line the edges and lanes of roads. The intent is a clean, green life-preserver that enables better night awareness.

According to a Luna Road press release published online by LEDs Magazine:

Luna Road Lights removes the need for car headlights to reflect on conventional road markers in order to provide nighttime visibility. The increased illuminated visibility delivered by the Luna Road Lights will serve as a warning indication to drivers on the road from miles away, providing drivers with more visual information, allowing them to average more effectively while driving, in addition to increasing the decision making time for drivers on the roads at night.


But what about this: Is there such thing as too many lights, too many bright distractions, too much “visual information” for too many miles ahead?

I don’t know the answer to that, and maybe no one does until we get out there on the roads and highways and try to face headlights, tail lights, Luna lights and various other lights. I’m thinking more of highway driving than urban driving — but I do appreciate Luna Road’s effort to think in smart and forward-leaning ways, and to address needs for safety.

In the same article mentioned above, it also says:

We believe in saving lives, protecting and preserving our environment, in addition to beautifying nighttime roads all around the globe.

Luna Road sees LEDs as the future, as do many in the green lighting business. Let’s hope green night-time road beauty is as safe as it sounds, huh?

Sources: LEDs Magazine

  1. Luna Road

    Hey Laura,

    Thank you so much for your positive response!

    We greatly appreciate it!

    Luna Road is currently completing projects in Central America / South America and the Caribbean region.

    We are working extremely hard to launch the technology in the USA soon.

    After hard work and determination…hopefully that day will come, and you can experience the technology firsthand while driving.

    Thanks so much once again for your positive support!

    Best regards and let your light shine!

    The Luna Road Team

  2. Rich Hessler Solar

    This is an impressive idea! Now if we can only tie electricity, solar panels, and roads together. We would have the massive distribution network required for electricity powered by solar panels on road (where there is a lot of free space).

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