Milkweed Mercantile Guests Join the Fun… (PPB #4)

joe and beth
Joe and Beth Stilwell at Dancing Rabbit

Joe and Beth Stilwell are guests at the Milkweed Mercantile eco bed & breakfast, and decided to join in the blogathon fun! Here are their impressions…

We are currently at the Blogathon as guests, staying at the beautiful Milkweed Mercantile. Initially, we must mention that the Mercantile is a must stay for eco-enthusiasts! We have felt welcome by all of the residents here. As ‘outsiders’ experiencing the Village firsthand, we wish to share with any readers that we are amazed at the hard work that the Rabbits put in, which has been happening all around us the last couple of days – the vibe is wonderful!

We read about the Village, we contacted the Village and now we are here! This is very exciting work that the Rabbits are accomplishing. We are surrounded with a variety of experimental activities that are cutting edge. They are harnessing all kinds of alternative ways of reaching sustainability. The Blogathon is just one way for the Dancing Rabbits to reach others – please support the movement!

Thank you, Joe and Beth! This is the kind of experience we’re trying to help support with our blogathon, so please consider making a donation to help others discover Dancing Rabbit.

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