More Renewable Energy in India

Maybe I just haven’t paid enough attention, but it sure seems like renewable energy and other sustainability strategies are hitting a tipping point in India. From the Deccan Herald, news of a new attraction in Bangalore: the Energy Park.

Energy Park, the first-of-its kind in Bangalore, replete with a solar-hut with a photovoltaic rooftop system, a children’s pool with a solar water heater test facility, battery-operated vehicles that will take you around the park and a wind-mill that pumps borewell water among others is all set to take off in the next few weeks. The park will be thrown open to the public after a formal inaugural ceremony in August.

A demonstration of street lighting and garden lights with a small solar panel has been highlighted. Aero-generators (miniature versions of windmills) have been put up at various places in the park to create energy through wind….

According to [Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Limited (KREDL)] Managing Director Dr B Shivalingaiah, the park aims to disseminate information to the public about the various non-conventional forms of energy and in turn popularise it. β€œThrough this venture we want to let the public know that one can off-set the impending energy crisis by utilising non-conventional forms of energy,” he said, adding that nearly 70 KVA of power will be generated each day through solar, wind and bio-mass units.

Of course, with India’s monumental economic growth, it’s good to see that they’re paying attention to sustainable development strategies. It will be interesting to see if the country does “leapfrog” (to some degree, anyway) more typical 20th century development patterns based on heavy use of fossil fuels.

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