New Free Font “Ecofont” Reduces Ink in Printing by 20%

SPRANQ creative communications has developed a new font that is good for the environment, designed to reduce the amount of printer ink used by up to 20%.

How did SPRANQ accomplish this? By developing a font style that looks a bit like you are writing with swiss cheese!

Basically, the designers decided to see how much of a letter could be made into white space, and still remain readable. While they tried out thin letters, letters with outlines, and who knows what else, in the end they decided on circles. The result is pretty neat, and looks good enough to use on non-professional stuff (map directions, recipe instructions, etc.).

Ecofont is an open source font based on Vera Sans and is free for users, and is recommended for users of OpenOffice, AppleWorks and MS Office 2007 using a laser printer. So, while Ecofont will help you reduce your ink consumption, remember that the best way to save printer ink is just not to print things you don’t need.

Image: Ecofont courtesy of SPRANQ

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