New Global Paper Vision Asks #WhatsInYourPaper

global paper vision

Editor’s note: Use paper? Of course you do: the vision of a paperless society we had with the advent of the internet in the early ’90s hasn’t come to pass. Friend of sustainablog Dayna Reggero outlines an event today to get you thinking about the choices you make when buying paper.

Today, an international network of more than 120 organizations on six continents is unveiling a new Global Paper Vision. The Vision includes seven priorities for transforming paper production, trade and use including new emphasis on fair access to paper’s benefits, social responsibility, greenhouse gas reduction, and transparency.

What is the Global Paper Vision?

“Jikalahari realized one of the underlying causes of deforestation in Indonesia comes from activities of timber plantations to fulfill the world’s demand for pulp and paper, and that is why we need a Global Paper Vision,” says Woro Supartinah of Jikalahari in Riau Province, the province experiencing the most deforestation in Indonesia in the last two decades. “In many cases pulp and paper industry expansion has been associated with social conflict, forest-fires, lost livelihood of local and forest dependent people, loss of biodiversity, violations of law, corruption and modern slavery. With this Global Paper Vision we hope to join a worldwide movement to make a change in the way forest dependent people have been treated and in the way the forest has been managed.”

“Paper use has social, environmental, and human rights implications and this vision points at ways to improve them all,” adds Saskia Ozinga of FERN in the United Kingdom.

You can show your support for global cooperation and environmental protection by sharing the Global Paper Vision on social media with the tag #whatsinyourpaper and by signing the Paper Solutions Pledge.

If you are a not-for-profit organization able to help in any way, large or small, please sign the Vision.

If your company is a sustainable brand with a genuine leadership responsible paper purchasing policy and you are part of the solution, join the conversation and let the world know #whatsinyourpaper.

Read the complete Global Paper Vision and a list of signatories: www.environmentalpaper.org/Vision.

The Environmental Paper Network is an international collaborative project of more than 120 organizations working for social and environmental transformation in the production and consumption of pulp and paper. Regional network leadership is provided by committees in North America (environmentalpaper.org), Europe (environmentalpaper.eu) and China (environmentalpaper.cn).

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