One Way of Dealing with Rising Gas Prices

Local realtor and blogger Steve Patterson has found one way to deal with rising gas prices — he bought a scooter. Not fast or sexy even, but Steve notes that by combining scooter riding with biking and using public transportation when convenient, and driving his car only when these other options won’t work, he’s going to save himself several hundred dollars a year. More importantly, though, Steve considers the sustainability of our current patterns of consumption when placed against the rising price of oil and gas:

High fuel prices are here to stay. The US cannot continue to sustain our sprawling habits and SUVs. What are you doing to live in a more sustainable manner?

As pump prices continue to rise, we may have no other choice but to slow down (the scooter tops out at about 35 mph) and live more locally. I’ve been thinking very hard about my own working lifestyle, which involves a weekly round-trip commute of about 300 miles, and even in my pretty fuel-efficient Pontiac Sunfire, I’m having to think hard about whether I can afford to continue to live this way — whether I want to or not (and I really don’t) may become a moot point in the face of current economic patterns.

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