Organic Flowers that Tickle the Tastebuds

From NWANews.com (AK), a story about organic farmer Carole Anne Rose and a unique product she grows: edible flowers.

From early spring through late fall, Rose harvests a wide array of blooms β€” pansies, roses, gladioluses, honeysuckle, echinacea, marigolds, menarda, johnny-jump-ups, bachelor buttons, sunflowers, nasturtiums, Rose of Sharon and hibiscus, as well as the flowers of such herbs as basil, fennel, mint, oregano, sage and thyme. “Initially, I only sold flowers that were delicious,” Rose said. But when chefs told her that customers tended not to eat the blossoms, she shifted to “flowers that are edible and beautiful.”

The edible blooms are more of a sideline, with certified organic shitake mushrooms being the farm’s mainstay. Yet Rose describes the flowers as “one of her greatest delights as an organic farmer.” I must admit that this is a new concept to me, but what an interesting idea!

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