Overconsumption Invokes the Six Items or Less Experiment


As protesters continue to occupy our nation’s streets in disapproval of over-spending and government corruption, some continue to believe that more is better. Consumption is at an all-time high, and consumers are buying more things than they need. Surveys show that most women own seven pairs of jeans but wear only four regularly and buy approximate 50 percent more shoes than they need.

These overindulgent spending habits might raise the question: Does America need to go on a shopping diet? Shopping for some has become a mindless activity done in times of boredom or to achieve a buyers’ high. Without social and moral accountability, outsourced workers might be subjected to endure unsafe work conditions and poor workplace regulations for the sake of acquiring the season’s latest fashions.

Two friends, Heidi Hackemer and Tamsin Davies, decided they would examine their relationship with clothes by organizing the Six Items or Less experiment. Everyone who signs up is asked to wear six items or less of clothing for one month. Exceptions include underwear, socks, shoes, swimwear, accessories, workout clothes, work issued uniforms, outerwear, and pajamas. Participants should wear items they currently own and not buy new ones.

While the founders didn’t have any original objectives for the experiment, Sixers, the name adopted by Six Items or Less enthusiasts, say the cycles have changed the way the feel about shopping and their clothes. Many people say they’ve realized that they are not defined by fashion trends and can now approach their wardrobes’ in a healthier way.

If you’re interested in challenging your relationship with your closet, there will be a new winter cycle of Sixing starting on November 15 and going to December 15. You can email [email protected] your desired username and contact email and she’ll get you signed up. Everyone must sign up by November 16.

Image Credit: Shuttershock / Serg Zastavkin

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  1. LaQuinta Shelvin

    Very interesting idea..shopping diet..another way for Americans to not only save the planet, by reducing the amount of water we use to wash clothes, but also to save our wallets..LOVe it!

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