Promoting the Green Blogosphere

A couple of developments in Green Blogosphere promotion:

  • Speaking of the Green Blogosphere, my Squidoo lens of that name is looking quite different these days. As I mentioned before, I’m linking to every active green blog I know of in categorized modules. I’ve just about got it done, so I’m ready for and open to your feedback. One thing I’m wondering: is it too much? Would it be more useful (perhaps) to create seperate lenses for various categories? Also, if you see your blog not listed, let me know. I know I’ve missed a few, and I’m having trouble categorizing a few others.

It’s a really exciting time to be involved in green blogging, as the ideas are catching on, and the blogosphere is growing. Keep me posted on what’s happening with your green blog (though I work really, really hard to keep up myself…).

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