Quick Squidoo Post: Vote on, Add to Best Green Books

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been playing with the new Plexo module on Squidoo: as the official “Introducing Plexo on Squidoo” lens notes, “Plexo is social bookmarking meets Digg meets the long tail.” So, what does that mean? Well, on the Green Blogosphere, Composting with Worms, and the official sustainablog lens, it means you can not only take a look at books and products I’ve listed, but vote on them and/or add your own. So, help me out — let’s make these lenses the source for greenie-approved books and products. Remember, you’re not enriching me by doing this: all money earned on my lenses goes to Dos Margaritas.

Oh… I’m still not receiving any checks for the Squidoo folks… though maybe I should… πŸ˜‰

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