Roads that Make Themselves Safe, Charge Your Car, and Turn off the Lights [Infographic]

We spend a lot of time discussing the vehicles that travel on roadways, but not nearly as much on the roads themselves. But roads matter in environmental terms, and not just because of the land they displace (though that’s important, too): the materials that go into them, and the means by which they keep traffic moving are just two of the considerations of road construction that impact the world beyond the structures themselves.

But can we construct roads in ways that are more environmentally benign… or perhaps even beneficial? I mean, it’s just a road… right? Take a look at some of the technologies featured in this infographic that show very creative approaches to thinking about the purposes our roadways might serve. (Click on the image for a larger version.)

road of the future infographic

The Road to the Future – created by the team at Car Loan 4U.

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