San Diego Schools Going Solar

RenewableEnergyAccess.com announces an exciting partnership among the state of California, solar roofing company Solar Integrated Technologies and GE Commercial Finance Energy Financial Services. The planned outcome: “…14 San Diego schools should have… new solar roofing systems installed and operational in the next few weeks. Additional installations will go up over the next two years.” The project also demonstrates innovation in solar roofing technology as Solar Integrated Technologies has developed “the company’s proprietary photovoltaic roofing systems, which not only keep the elements out of buildings but also generate renewable solar electricity.” Daniel Gross, senior vice president of Renewable Energy at Energy Financial Services, notes that “Everybody wins with this transaction. Solar Integrated serves its customers better. San Diego schools get new roofs and cleaner energy. A distressed community in South Los Angeles sees more manufacturing jobs. And GE expands, serving an even wider spectrum of the energy market”

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