Saving Our Souls

As I mentioned in the last post, the Sustainable Blogosphere’s been busy over the last few days, but one particular item stood out for me: the publication of “The Soul of Environmentalism: Rediscovering Transformational Politics in the 21st century.” This paper is largely a response to last Fall’s “The Death of Environmentalism,” and I’m proud to now realize that one of it’s authors, Michael Dorsey, gave us a preview of it here at sustainablog. “Soul” agrees with many points brought up in “Death,” but ultimately argues that environmentalism can’t simply settle for joining a vaguely-defined “progressive movement.” Rather, it has to reach back to its more transformational and, dare I say, radical roots in the Civil Rights movement as well as other movements for liberation in the ’60s and ’70s. We have to (re)find our common ground with movements for reproductive rights, gay rights and economic justice. Its a bold, wide-reaching and challenging document, and rather than trying to sum it up any more, I strongly suggest you read it and respond to it.

I’m late on this one: Joel Makower has written a thorough review of the paper (which is reprinted on WorldChanging).

UPDATE: Salon’s War Room blog also has a brief overview of the press conference announcing the release of “The Soul of Environmentalism.”

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