Sharing the Bounty…

Nearly all Americans are familiar with the story of the first Thanksgiving, where newly arrived Pilgrims and the natives of the area sat down to share a meal… That story usually leaves out the slaughter that occurred the next year. This year, native Americans and descendents of those European conquerors are sitting down again, but this time they’re considering the benefits of sharing renewable energy resources. From ENN:

A most unlikely partnership between tribes and cities may be in the offing, and the connection could go a long way toward saving the environment by providing clean and renewable energy.

A Native Renewable Energy Summit was held in Denver Nov. 15 — 17 to brainstorm for ways in which the cities and tribes can partner to achieve their individual goals. The summit was designed to bring ideas to the table that could develop into workable plans for tribes and cities to work together to move toward a cleaner environment while overcoming pitfalls and generating economic opportunities.

Tribes — especially those in the northern Great Plains — want to develop clean, economically sustainable energy sources; and they have great wind resources available throughout most of their tribal lands.

The many cities that have pledged to reduce their dependence on carbon-producing power share a common ground with the tribes. Tribes could lead the way by showing their commitment to clean air and water, and creating the potential to expand the distribution of power.

Denver, Aspen, CO, and Seattle, WA, are all exploring possible partnerships with tribes. While there are still questions over economics and logistics, Great Plains tribes are in prime wind country, and stand to reap huge economic benefits. Sounds like a win-win…

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