Solar Energy Takes Another Giant Step Forward in Arizona

Arizona’s latest advance as a leader in the use of solar technology came last night with the signing of a new bill by Governor Jan Brewer.

The Quality Jobs Through Renewable Industries bill, or Senate Bill 1403, passed in the Arizona House and Senate last month.Β  With the goal of stimulating new investments in renewable energy projects, it creates new tax breaks and extends credits for solar energy firms in the state.


The bill was sponsored this spring by Senator Barbara Leff (R) and Representative Michele Reagan (R).

Michael Bidwill, chairman of Greater Phoenix Ecomonic Council (GPEC) and Arizona Cardinals president, said in response to the signing of the bill:

“It puts Arizona in a position to be a leader in the solar industry. We look forward to working with leaders in the solar and renewable energy industry, and this program gets us in the game to bring more projects to our state.”

The law will likely bring more solar tech companies to the state.Β  In fact, GPEC will be attending the Intersolar North American Conference next week in San Francisco to talk up Arizona as a state that can offer solar tech companies a good deal.

Arizona’s Department of Commerce Director Don Cardon applauded the bill.

β€œI am grateful for the vision and leadership the governor and our legislators have demonstrated in supporting this bill,” Cardon said. β€œIt will greatly assist Arizona in securing the national lead we should possess for solar and renewable technologies.”

With over 325 days a year of sunshine, Arizona has a lot of energy to tap into.Β  This bill will likely make it a bit easier.

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