Does a Sustainable Lifestyle Really Have to Cost More? [Infographic]

Think you can’t afford to live a much more sustainable lifestyle? That’s not uncommon, and certainly many more sustainable consumer products cost more. But an awful lot of “green” choices cost little or nothing… and when you add them all together, you’re actually saving money.

That’s the point this infographic tries to make, anyway. While you might argue with some of the assumptions it makes (i.e. is a “first car” necessarily a part of hitting college age? Or an SUV of any kind a natural choice for a young adult? ), it’s a good starting point for a more detailed discussion on the costs and opportunities of making greener lifestyle choices.

Got your own evidence of the price of living more sustainably? Share it with us.

Click on the image for a larger version.

Infographic: Is it green to be green

Is it green to be green by
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    what’s with ecotourism trip why it costs that much? a 5 day cruise is already costly. Organic food cost too much, if I will plant my own food it will make a lot of difference. What’s wrong with the kids today, it’s more fun playing outside than play inside with your computer

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