Syracuse, NY as “The Right Place”

Steve Balogh sent me his essay extolling the virtues of his home town, Syracuse, NY, as a good place for weathering the changes to come as a result of peak oil, and, as a typical absent-minded professor type, I am now remembering to bring it to your attention. Steve analyzes Syracuse in a manner that could be a model for the rest of us: what do we have in our local town, cities and regions that will make them able (or not) to address changes predicted with the advent of dwindling oil supplies? As I (and others with much better qualifications) have said, I think this kind of reflection and analysis is important. While we can’t (and shouldn’t) count on the most dire predictions of peak oil prophets coming true exactly as stated, there’s good reason to believe that the “end of oil” will bring changes and challenges. Regardless, such thinking almost inevitably leads to the question “How can I live more sustainably?” — as you might imagine, I can’t see any harm in that kind of thinking…

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