The Green Blogosphere Makes the News

More specifically, the San Francisco Chronicle gives almost all of us some ink with the publication of Gregory Dicum‘s column today. From WorldChanging to Gristmill to City Hippy to Green LA Girl and others, Gregory does a very nice job of introducing green bloggers as a unique, passionate and diverse group. And, he says some very nice things about sustainablog:

But for most of the green bloggers, blogging is its own reward. Sustainablog‘s Jeff McIntire-Strasburg, for example, is the epitome of the noble Jeffersonian citizen-blogger: a concerned individual with something to say and a knack for saying it just the right way. The former English professor lives in Saint Louis and writes his highly regarded blog in his spare time.

OK, now I know what I want engraved on my tombstone… Many thanks to Gregory for taking the time to get to know us and for showing SFC readers the fascinating things going on at the green blogs. Alex Steffen, Graham Hill and I all got our pictures published, but that mainly proved that Graham’s by far the most photogenic of the three of us…

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