The Twelve Days of sustainablog: Bibles, High Gas Prices, and Tent-based Traumas

fourth of july picnicWhile July 2008 looked relatively normal in terms of Fourth of July celebrations and hot weather, $4 per gallon gas put a damper on that other summertime staple: the family road trip.

As you might imagine, we had a lot to say about that gas thing… but didn’t take a vacation from covering a wide range of topics.

July 2008

Tomorrow: Dog Days, School Days, and Just Plain Hot Days — August 2008

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  1. Bobby B.

    Although I remain suspicious of environmentalism’s infiltration into the modern church, I did make the following positive comments about Chad Crawford’s green bible article:

    “If the text is a true rendetion of God’s Word, then framing it in green may not be a bad thing. Many greens who would otherwise avoid reading Scripture may pick this version as a starting place, and one day be drawn to redemption.”

    I have no problem with using green as a witnessing tool, but also believe that the church needs to always be wary with whom it allies itself.

  2. Steven Earl Salmony

    The dangerous devotion of so many leaders to a “business as usual” status quo as well as to unbridled global economic growth and outrageous per capita overconsumption could prove to be lethal for our children also to worship because these forms of idolatry could soon become patently unsustainable on a relatively small, evidently finite and noticeably frangible planet like the planetary home which God has blessed us to inhabit……and not to ravage as the leading elders in my “Not So GREAT GREED GRAB Generation” have been advocating so religiously and doing so recklessly in these early years of Century XXI.

    Steven Earl Salmony
    AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population,
    established 2001

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