“This circular firing squad is not getting us anywhere.”

Network-Centric Advocacy chimes in on “the whole crazy family” of the environmental movement, and particulary recent statements and counterstatements (such as “The Death of Environmentalism”) that, rather than uniting us in a common purpose, have created a “circular firing squad.” The “What to do? A new Top Ten for the Movement” list at the end of the post should provide more food for thought… What I’ve seen much of lately (in my quite limited position) is an awful lot of look-standing grudges coming to light. Unfortunately, the reaction to these conflicts seems to be a refusal to talk rather than engagement with these issues. I agree with a commenter that we could do a lot worse than looking to Howard Dean’s engagement of the grassroots — as our post author notes, “The people and the grassroots leaders are the heart of change. They are everywhere. The power comes from the ability to connect to each other and swarm on an issue.”

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