Those Damned Pinko Commies in the Nuclear Industry…

OK, that’s pretty crass, but one of the major points of this Washington Post op-ed by Peter Asmus is that nuclear power simply can’t compete in a free market.

The recent call by President Bush to restart a major nuclear power program in this country in response to concerns about our dependence on foreign energy sources and global climate change would have Adam Smith rolling in his grave.

There is no power source less compatible with the GOP’s love of free markets and disdain for regulation and subsidy than nuclear fission. Without government intervention, there simply would be no nuclear industry….

That Republicans call for more nuclear power is truly mind-boggling. There has never been a more subsidized, socialized power technology than nuclear. Virtually all of the countries that derive the greatest amount of electricity from nuclear power — France, Lithuania, Ukraine, Sweden — feature central planning and socialistic energy policies.

Asmus’ piece also provides facts that show that the nuclear industry’s latest PR scheme to “green” nuclear power relies on very selective information. So, we’re left with a dirty, potentially unsafe source of energy that costs a lot… and our President wants to see more of it…

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