Tower Grove Farmers’ Market Opening

While this one will appeal mainly to the local folks, I figure a new farmers’ market is always good news. Spent some time this morning (and took some pictures) at the opening of the new Tower Grove Farmers’ Market, which will run every Saturday morning through the summer. While the Soulard Market, towards downtown, is a St. Louis institution (over 150 years old), I’m very excited to now have a farmers’ market in walking distance of the house. For those of you in town, the Market’s being held in the pavilion right by the tennis courts in Tower Grove park. The weather was less than ideal, but a good crowd showed up for today’s opening festivities — clearly more than expected. In addition to farmers and ranchers hawking their wares, there were a number of craft vendors, too.

Plenty of musicians on hand to entertain the crowd… Unfortunately, after this guy finished playing, the politicians and dignataries took to the stage… ugh…

While there weren’t a lot of vendors on hand, the one’s who came had some great looking produce. Of course, all of the vendors were local, and many sold organic produce and/or free-range, cruelty-free meats and dairy products.

It was a great way to spend a few hours this morning, and I look forward to making the Tower Grove Farmers’ Market a Saturday morning ritual.

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