US Campuses Moving Towards Sustainability, Too

After posting about the University of British Columbia, I came across more encouraging news about sustainability on other North American university campuses:

  • The Oregon State Daily Barometer announces the opening of the university’s new Environmental Resource Operation Center.

The center will act as a resource for topics like recycling, sustainability and conservation for the campus.

The student-run EROC will be open weekdays from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. and will primarily focus on helping students organize their goals.

“Β“I have seen too many student groups try and organize and expend all their energy on just getting started. The EROC will be here to pool all of our resources to help new groups get off the ground, then spend their energy on their cause,”Β” explained Justin Fleming, manager of the campus recycling program.

The EROC will also help organize events to educate the population of OSU on an assortment of causes.

  • Finally, Grist‘s guru of all things green, Umbra, advises a college student on how to get his campus’ food service to buy local and organic. His college’s cafeteria “is run by a large food company that also serves prisons,” which means that its likely the same company that’s run food services at several universities I’ve worked at (including the current one).

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