X-Prize Foundation Announces Winner of “What’s Your Crazy Green Idea?” Contest

Back in the fall, I told you about the finalists in the X-Prize “What’s Your Crazy Green Idea?” contest, and urged you to go vote for one of the three finalists who were competing for the $25,000 prize. The X-Prize Foundation has announced the winners. They are Bryan Le and Kyle Good from Irvine, CA.

Their β€œCrazy Green Idea” to develop a new storage medium, an β€œultra-capacitor,” generated the highest number of votes to be crowned champions of this competition and be the recipients of the $25,000 prize check from Prize Capital.

Check out the video that won them the competition.


What do you think of their idea? Is it doable? Is it worth $25,000?

  1. crackgerbal

    The battery thing is a good idea, but i dont know if it is possible. We have a working knowledge the elements, and materials only do what we can knowledgeably design them to. So i dont know about capacitor, our materials are the limiting factor.

  2. Robin Shreeves

    Crackgerbal – this type of science is so far out of my realm of knowledge that I have no idea if it’s doable or not. However, just the word capacitor takes me back to Back to the Future and the “flux capacitor” and all I keep thinking is “If Doc could do it in 1985, we should certainly be able to do it now.” Of course, I didn’t write that in the piece!

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