You’re Drafted this Earth Day

John Laumer at Treehugger has issued orders for this Earth Day:

First off, forget the old Earth Day tactics. No parading, no protesting, no whining about toxics in your vital bodily fluids; and, definitely, forget about press releases that threaten Climate Change “end times” unless a list of demands are met. You are going undercover.

Strategy is simple. We’re going to re-gather the troops for the coming charge.

There are two tactics. The first one is straightforward. You’re not just “doing your part” any more, you are a Change Agent at large. Slow and steady as it goes. Remember, organic food took 35 years to hit the main stage…

The challenging tactic involves getting into meat space. Blue Stater’s visit Red Stater’s. City cousin visits country cousin. City mouse visits suburban mouse. Mix it up. That’s basically it.

This is about as radical as it gets, folks: drop the rhetoric and listen. Keep me posted on your undercover work — I’ll do the same.

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