How To Build Your Own Tiny House

  • Published on August 2nd, 2010 by


Tiny houses are all the rage these days, and for good reason. With more Americans realizing how much more time, money, and freedom are to be gained by living in a small home, there’s a great movement towards downsizing. There are many companies out there that now sell prefabricated tiny homes, but perhaps you’re looking to use your own creativity and skills to build your very own tiny house from the ground up. Thankfully, there’s information out there to help you (including home plans).

Building your own house many be within reach, thanks to this little outline Michael Janzen of Tiny House Design has provided. Construction experience is quite obviously a huge benefit when it comes to building a house, but even those with little experience should not be discouraged from the great learning experience that is home building.

Janzen’s write-up includes enough information to get interested folks on the right path towards tiny home construction. Included are links to several other valuable resources, as well. With enough time, effort, and the necessary information, you too can build your own tiny home.

If you have any interest in what it takes to build a tiny home, check out his write-up.

Image credit: Michael Janzen

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