Eco Designer Rachel Mace's Totally Trashed Fashion on the Runway (with photos)

eco designer rachel  mace's spokane metro dress

The Spokane Metro Dress: ‘I was contacted by Spokane Metro Magazine’s Nick Henderson a few months ago informing me that he was super interested in my sustainable fashions, and asking if I could make a dress out of their magazine, Spokane Metro. Spokane Metro is just getting back on its feet after a long hiatus, and I was more than happy to start work on it. It was my second piece to be made out of paper, and the dress is 100% Spokane Metro Magazine. It was custom fit to Ariel St. Clair, and took many messy hours to complete. It has had the largest response of all of my pieces, and will hopefully be featured in Spokane Metro Magazine. The Spokane Metro Magazine will go on display at Glamarita in Spokane, Washington.”

rachel mace's black ruffle dress

The Two Piece Black Ruffle Dress: “This dress was an experiment about what I could make out of just two trash bags. I cut one bag into strips and strategically melted them into a ruffled pattern, and then they were placed onto the other bag, which was cut lengthwise to form the base skirt and top. It ties in three places, and is wearable by more than just the intended model, Soukie Tanphantourath.”

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  • I was so amazed and proud of Rachel’s designs. She worked hard and put together a fantastic collection…it was so inspiring! Great job, Rachel, I’m so glad to have had you a part of this year’s Runway Renegades!

    • Thanks for the input, Ronnie! I’m no fashionista, but I was pretty impressed with what I saw… she did some amazing things with “trash”