The Not-So-DIY Aquaponics System from Back to the Roots

home aquaponics kit from back to the roots

UPDATE: Wow – this one surpassed its goal with 18 days left to go. So, if you were holding off on pre-ordering just in case they didn’t reach the $100,000 minimum, they’ve now got the needed funding to manufacture the product… order away!

I had two thoughts when I put together my post on do-it-yourself aquaponics systems back in Β September: 1) “Wow, those are cool,” and 2) “Wow, those look like a lot of work.” Yeah, I’m completely entranced by these kinds of projects, but don’t trust my own handyman skills enough to actually try one out.

Fortunately, if you’re not looking for something too big – say, an aquaponics herb garden – you may be in luck soon. The guys at Back to the Roots, who created the home mushroom-growing kit, are expanding their product range, and a small aquaponics kit is next on the agenda. Check out the video they made to support their funding project on Kickstarter:

Pretty cool, huh? And the beauty of their Kickstarter project is that its mainly based on pre-ordering: sure, you can just kick in a few bucks, but if you really believe in this product, and want one, go ahead and order it. Supply and demand at its simplest…

Thinking about buying one of these? Or already practicing aquaponics? Let us know your thoughts…

Image credit: Back to the Roots on Facebook


  1. JB123

    Have you seen this system? http://bit.ly/WQRPm9 It is called the ECO-Cycle system and was developed by a non profit in San Diego.

    It just goes on a 20 gallon fish tank so you could have it inside if you live in an apartment or somewhere with no garden space. The price will go up February 1st 2013 from $195 to $250. It looks nice too!

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