Are the Climate-Change Ostriches Really Winning?

Organic Matter points us to a transcript of a recent Democracy Now! interview with Ross Gelbspan, Myron Ebell and Chris Mooney on the debate surrounding climate change. Ebell, of course, claimed the “denialists” are winning, despite the total lack of scientific evidence on their side (and OM points out that he didn’t try to present any as part of his refutation). A big point worth repeating: Gelbspan’s claim that:

The very fact that you are using the word debate shows how pervasive this campaign of disinformation and deception has been. There really is no debate about global warming. What you have on the one side are more 2,000 scientists from 100 countries reporting to the U.N. in what is the largest and most rigorously peer-reviewed scientific collaboration in history. What you have on the other side are basically a very small handful of so-called greenhouse skeptics, the majority of whom have been paid by the coal and oil industries…

‘Nuff said?

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