“…Like Buying Pineapples from Costa Rica…”

Thanks to Gil Friend for pointing us to this wonderful essay from James Howard Kuntsler at Orion Online. Our author visits the New York International Auto Show and notes a “hallucinatory trend” here:

It became painfully clear that the attendees of the New York Auto Show were a self-selecting group of people who were all reasonably comfortable with the belief that America’s car culture has a big future. I didn’t try to debate them; but I did wonder what the quality of their disappointment might be like later this year when the “summer driving season” gets underway and gasoline prices penetrate the three-dollar-a-gallon floor. They will blame the oil companies, the government, the Arabs — they will blame everybody but themselves.

This reminds me of the piece I posted on Thursday about “grieving for oil”: clearly, everyone in the denial stage gathers at events like this, and it turns into one big celebration of co-dependency…

And on a related note, Gil has created a website for his “Sustainable Business — A Declaration of Leadership.” You can download the original PDF document, or buy an 11×17 printed poster at a special preview price.

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