Earth Day Giveaway: Aveda’s Chakra™ Balancing Body Mists

aveda chakra sprays

After several weeks of the annual press release barrage, I generally agree with David Quilty’s assessment of marketing efforts surrounding this event… and his claim that “we cannot shop our way to a cleaner planet.” Like David, I’ve gotten those same press releases… and, by and large, ignored them.

On the other hand, people do buy things… and while we in the green media space need to be careful about promoting “shopping for the planet,” we can help our readers and community members distinguish between products and companies doing genuinely good work, and those taking advantage of events like Earth Day to put a green sheen on their products. We can advocate “think before you buy… but, if you decide to buy, make informed choices that create a minimal impact.”

That’s why I’m OK about promoting a company like Aveda… which I discovered very early in my quest to learn more about sustainable business practices. Some will definitely argue that personal care products are luxuries, sustainable or not… but with billions in sales each year (can’t find exact timely numbers), truly sustainable practices in this sector aren’t luxuries… they’re necessary. Just taking a look at Aveda’s practices on ingredient sourcing and packaging shows a level of seriousness on the sustainability front that you don’t find nearly enough in the beauty products industry (even as consumers are searching more for organic and natural personal care products).

As a part of my participation in the company’s Light the Way™ campaign this month (and you can still buy those candles), they offered a set of their Chakra™ Balancing Body Mists for giveaway for sustainablog readers. I bit… and if you’re into aromatherapy, Ayurveda, or just unique body scents, you may want to enter. The set consists of seven sprays corresponding to the seven chakras of Ayurveda, and consist of essential oil blends designed to promote well-being.

Want to enter? It’s simple… if you’ve got a favorite natural or organic personal care product that you can’t live without, review it at the sustainablog community (and tag your review with chakras). If you don’t have a favorite, or are just dipping your toe into the natural/organic personal care space, leave a comment with this post… Do either by midnight (CST) on Friday, April 29th, and we’ll draw from entrants for the winner.

Looking for natural and organic personal care products? Check out our current listings from brands like Tiger Balm, Auromere, Aura Cacia, and Dr. Bronners.

  1. Dawn M

    I am new to this but would love to try it. I am looking for different ways to feel better physically and mentally and this may be something that will help.

  2. Stephanie

    I am very interested in such things, but have never really used them before. I LOVE body scents though and would be pleased to try a natural one!

  3. Elisabeth

    I’m really new to natural and organic beauty products, but have been interested in trying them! I’ve been trying to become more environmentally friendly… but I have not focused on personal health products yet! These seem great. 🙂

  4. Amanda

    I’ve been using Aveda for many years because of their unique aromatherapy products and natural ingredients. However, I hadn’t a clue about their sustainability practices. Now I have a new reason to continue my business with them!

  5. Kelley W.

    Since I’m a college student, it’s hard but I do my best to be organic. It is taking me a while to get used to things. But I would love to try these out and to show my boyfriend being organic can smell great. ^_^

  6. Terri K

    I’m trying to be more conscious about the products I use and the footprint I personally create. It always makes me feel good to be able to find out about a company that does the same thing. These mists sound like something that I would be less likely to trigger migraines like many perfumes tend to do. Add in the whole concept of aromatherapy to help balance the chakras and these could be the perfect products.

  7. Pam

    I bought one of these from a spa in Hot Springs ARK….I have looked everywhere to find them again. Now that I found it here….where is the store page.

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