What Happens to Your Car When You Scrap It? [Infographic]

Give much thought to that clunker that you traded in for a new one, or donated to a charity? Probably not: you hand it over, keys and all, and assume that the dealer, charity, and/or stockyard will take care of that old vehicle in a responsible manner. But do they?

This infographic from online insurance broker gocompare.com digs into the process of scrapping an old vehicle and recycling its parts. The good news: there’s a lot of potentially valuable material in a car, so recyclers have incentive to recover as much as they possibly can. The bad news: efforts to keep costs down can result in outsourcing recycling work to the developing world, where environmental standards are much less stringent. Take a look at the details below, and let us know what you think.

Need a larger version of the graphic? Just click on it…

car scrap recycling infographic

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