Carnival of the Green #39

It’s Monday, and this week the Carnival of the Green returns home to CityHippy. The Carnival, however, was not written by our friend Al, but rather by his new nemesis, blog-squatter Heston Wunderkrantz. While Heston seems most concerned about promoting a new comic strip featuring himself, he also provides us with the usual round-up of some of the best posts from the Green Blogosphere for the past week. If you can stomach Heston’s self-promotion (he’s scattered the post with pictures of himself — and he’s not a pretty dude), you’ll find community solar projects, Washington slugs, and Climate Porn (who knew?). Go take a look around, and feel free to tell Heston to “bugger off” (I think that’s what the Brits say… correct me if I’m wrong).

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