Cellist Ben Sollee Tours US by Bike

Cellist Ben Sollee
Cellist Ben Sollee

Ditching the Van

After successfully touring by bike from his hometown in Kentucky to the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee in 2009, Ben Sollee was inspired to launch the Ditch the Van Tour in 2010. He and his band mates have embarked on a transcontinental tour, opting to use bicycles and an occasional train instead of automobiles.

Cello, Xtracycle = Ready to roll
Cello, Xtracycle = Ready to roll

Enjoying the Slow Pace

Aside from the obvious environmental tilt to this divergence from the status quo, Sollee points out that the limitation of their means of transport allow a different perspective on the towns and communities they encounter along their route.

Getting the Communities Involved

Inviting local art and music organizations, as well as bicycle communities, to be participants in his shows creates a richer experience for his fans and adds a twist of activism to what is normally just a performance.

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Top Photo Credit: Ben Sollee press

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