China has Big Plans for Wind Power

From ChinaDaily.com via Eco-Portal, news that the Chinese have ambitious plans for offshore wind farms:

China has unveiled plans to make offshore wind farms a key part of its renewable energy program within two or three decades.

The wind turbines, which would be built 50 kilometers (30 miles) out to sea, would be ideally situated to supply clean power to the populous and booming east coast area.

“Offshore wind sites are close to the main electricity load centers in eastern China, so offer great potential for future energy supply,” Shi Pengfei, vice-chairman of the Chinese Wind Energy Association, told a conference this month.

“I am confident that in 20 to 30 years a very significant proportion of the wind power in China will be off-shore.”

The Chinese face cost issues, as few companies in the country make wind turbines. Still, while the Chinese have a long ways to go on human rights and governance issues, they seem to be getting on the renewable energy bandwagon at the right time: before they become total oil junkies.

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